2014 Advocacy Education Sessions

PAC Fundraising Workshop – Raising NAAPAC dollars is critical to increasing NAA’s political capital. In this two-part session, you will hear from former Federal Election Commission Chairman David Mason on the rules of Political Action Committee solicitation. Then participants will break into groups to plan your own NAAPAC fundraiser from concept to blueprint.

The Citizen Advocate – Meeting with members of Congress creates an opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted resource. Our partners at the Congressional Management Foundation surveyed House Chiefs of Staff about the written materials left behind and on the effectiveness of certain message strategies before, during and after the meetings. Hear from CMF Vice President Susie Gorden as she shares these best practices for your advocacy efforts.

How to Build Your Political Capital – NAA’s political capital includes your political contributions, NAAPAC’s political contributions and the relationships you build. Holly Pitt Young, Senior Vice President of Public Policy at Aristotle International, will share how your relationships and contributions work in conjunction with NAA to strengthen our combined political capital.

How to Interact and Engage with Reporters – Reduce your fear of interacting with the media and increase your understanding of how to work with the news media. Marisol Bello, who for more than six years has travelled the country and overseas as a national reporter for USA Today, will share her thoughts about how you can best work with the media.

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