Every Member Counts: Strive for 535 | NAA Capitol Conference

Every Member Counts: Strive for 535

Why Is It Important to Reach Every Member of Congress on Lobby Day?

Every member of NAA counts. Your voice truly matters, both as a constituent and a member of the industry who is impacted by the decisions Congress does and does not make.

Every member of Congress counts. Yet some do not understand how the industry works and how their decisions affect your business.

The time is now to educate every federal policymaker on the industry’s priorities for developing, owning and managing the apartment communities that house 38 million Americans. We need for every member of Congress to understand why they must:

• Reduce the barriers to construction of quality housing for America
• Ensure reliable sources of financing for apartments
• Back economic growth through sensible tax policy
• Cut housing costs through regulatory reform
• Improve building energy performance through incentives and technology
• Balance environmental stewardship and economic growth

While members of the House will be in recess the week of March 7, you can schedule meetings with their ever-important key staff members. And, of course, your help is needed in reaching all 100 members of the U.S. Senate, which will be in session. (If you aren’t planning to attend the Capitol Conference, we ask that you schedule a meeting or property tour at home with your Congressman that week. Our goal is the same – reach all 535 members of Congress!)

Check back in early 2016 for information and resources on:

• Scheduling your meetings
• Reporting your meetings
• Lobby Day issues to discuss with your members of Congress
• Lobby Day issues webinar
• And more!